Disaster Preparedness

Is your business ready in the event of an emergency? If not, there are some great resources to help you getting prepared. 

Golden and Area A Emergency Program

The Town of Golden administers the emergency program for Golden and Electoral Area A.

Other Resources

There are also workbooks, checklists and other resources available here, including some of the following:

  • Business Continuity Workbook: This workbook is intended to help businesses think about what kind of risks they face and what steps can be taken to help address these risks before they happen.
  • PreparedBC: Guide for Small Businesses: This guide was developed by PreparedBC as a starting point to protect your business investment and the people you employ by ensuring your business is prepared.

Are you currently impacted by wildfires, floods, landslides or any other natural disaster?

Check out this website created by Community Futures to provide resources, support, and direction to businesses during crisis; this information is updated regularly.

There is currently no funding secured for financial support of affected businesses however, there are resources available to assist with disaster mitigation and recovery.