Social Justice Advocate

About this program

Are you faced with difficult circumstances and you don’t know what resources are available or you are having trouble navigating government services? The Social Justice Advocate is available to support you and will connect you to the information and resources you need.

What you can expect:

  • Individualized support that is free and confidential
  • A welcoming and non-judgemental environment

Contact Marion, the Social Justice Advocate

  • Address: Work BC Office, 421 9 Ave N #205, Golden, BC V0A 1H0
  • Telephone: 250-439-9325
  • Email:

What people say about the program

“I felt supported and less alone.”

“I experienced reduced stress.”

“I achieved a more stable living situation.”

“I had an increased sense of independence, empowerment, and influence over my circumstances.”

“I would not have known what to do on my own and may not have been able to complete the process without the advocate’s help.”

“I felt empowered by the advocate’s support and was able to complete the task on my own and avoid eviction.”

You are not alone

  • Around 400 individuals benefited from the Social Justice Advocate services over the past three years.
  • Throughout these appointments, the Advocate and client worked:
    • Accessing information;
    • On problem solving and prioritizing actions;
    • Facilitating difficult conversations;
    • Understanding and assistance with completing paperwork and applications;
    • Connecting and accessing local, federal and provincial government services.
  • The program has experienced an increase of clients dealing with health conditions, disabilities and mental health issues due to the pandemic and an increase of stress factors in their lives.
  • Half of the clients are seeking help with navigating existing government programs and/or applying for monthly income offered by the government.

Contact Marion, the Social Justice Advocate